Advisory for Learning Organizations

At Getting Smart, we are committed to supporting the work of those most dedicated to the way the world learns. Our partners are innovators who are developing the tools, practices and resources that support powerful learning for all.

We create customized partnerships that take a comprehensive approach to growth and increased impact. Our team provides a variety of consulting, strategic design and advisory services, ranging from go-to-market strategies to general business development and communication. Getting Smart supports in the design, development and even promotion of multimedia content pieces ranging from blogs, to podcasts to case studies, white papers and infographics.

Getting Smart is unique in that we can support in project design and implementation, but we can also lean on our own blog and social media channels to ensure you reach a target audience of educators. For many of our partners, our work together includes the development of a full scale thought leadership campaign that combines a variety of these content pieces with a strategic communication plan (including social media).

Whether it is as strategic advisors or as partners in the development of content marketing assets, we are here to help you amplify your impact and extend your reach.

To all of our partnerships, we bring:

  • A unique combination of business and education experience;
  • A design focused lens to problem solving;
  • A creative approach to content development; and
  • A commitment to thought leadership in the space of innovation & learning.

Learning Organization Services include:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Market research
  • Creative content and thought leadership development
  • Learning experiences and design thinking workshops
  • Customized partnership

Work Examples

We create, implement and amplify thought leadership campaigns and forward-leaning strategies with learning focused organizations. Our unique approach follows a clear design process and marries a variety of solutions that help people and organizations learn grow and innovate.

Our sweet spot is combining a range of services that often would take several external vendors to accomplish and being able to complete them all in house such as strategic planning, amplified communication, as well as content design and promotion.

Thought Leadership

Content Development


Getting Smart has supported several of our learning organization partners in the advancement of company recognition through thought leadership development. For many this includes a strategic approach to content marketing that includes a variety of resources from podcasts to white paper to in person speeches. Getting Smart is unique in our combination of education innovation knowledge with a built in audience of educators, policy makers and school leadership. Not only can we support in content development, but we can help amplify your reach. Check out the examples below to learn more about our thought leadership and content development work.

Blog Series Example

Podcast Series Example

White Paper Example

Strategic Design

Business Development


Through a series of advising and consulting services, Getting Smart provides a variety of services levels to our partners. Many of our clients choose an ongoing retainership that allows us to connect regularly for high impact. These retainerships typically include an in-person kick off meeting, regular strategic sessions (phone), content development and ongoing amplification. For others, a short term strategic design partnerships is more aligned to company goals. Shorter term projects vary based on desired deliverables, but typically include a research phase, design workshop and a final deliverable, often in the form of a strategic recommendations memo. Interested in learning more about how we can support your company growth? Contact us for more details.

Thought Leadership. You can follow our current work on where we are dedicated to following and celebrating the work of educators and innovators across the world.

Comprehensive. Customized. Creative.

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