Design Coaching for Schools and Districts

At Getting Smart, we deliver a school design and coaching process that honors the unique characteristics and vision of each learning partner. With passionate commitment to the journey of innovative design, we celebrate the vision of each project through accelerated idea generation and the development of solutions required for successful implementation, from inception to fruition.

With emphasis on the creation of the learning community, we emphasize student experience, and partner in crafting a customized blueprint for completion. As your organization’s innovative guide, we are excited to develop individual leaders, teams, and whole system networks in the creative planning process that will serve as a conduit for barrier elimination. Our teamed approach will provide insights that examine each project through a “yes if” lens of potential and expand idea fulfillment through a variety of formats, systems, and the Getting Smart Design Framework.

Whether the idea is at the infancy stage on the back of a napkin, or deeply rooted as an existing model that needs to be adjusted to meet the needs of your changing landscape, we are confident in our ability to provide thought engineering that will deliver on the commitment of innovative design. Each endeavor is unique in the make-up of the desired experience with direct correlation to student demographics, mission, vision, and success outcomes driven by established program objectives.

To all of our partnerships, we bring:

  • A learner centered perspective;
  • A unique combination education and leadership experience;
  • A design focused lens to problem solving; and
  • A commitment to thought leadership in the space of innovation & learning.

Coaching & Design Services include:

  • Leadership & innovation coaching;
  • Facilitation of strategic plans & long range facility planning;
  • Design & growth support for innovative new schools;
  • EdTech research; and
  • Customized partnership

Work Examples

We take collaborative pride in supporting each partner as they explore all aspects of the school design process and celebrate discovery of unknowns for each project through the expansion of ideas. In addition the services outlined below, Getting Smart also builds customized partnerships with districts and networks looking to innovate, design and stay accountable. For more about our current work and experiences check out our team page

Strategic Planning

Getting Smart Coaching Services_Strategic Planning

Leadership Coaching

Getting Smart Services_Leadership Coaching

Design Workshops

Getting Smart Coaching Services_Workshop Design

Thought Leadership. You can follow our current work on where we are dedicated to following and celebrating the work of educators and innovators across the world.

Comprehensive. Customized. Creative.

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