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Core Capabilities

We work across a broad range of engagements and level of services. Everything from building out large scale education initiatives to pitching media for product launch announcement. Our sweet spot is combining a range of services that often would take several external vendors to accomplish, and being able to complete them all in house such as strategic planning, design and promotion.

Constant development, research and practice has helped our team refine a set of core capabilities that meet the every changing and adapting needs of our clients. Getting Smart Core Capabilities include:

Learning Design Firm Core Capabilities

Why Getting Smart?

What We Believe

The path forward, that’s what we’re all about,
the chance for every child to dream.
Exponential technology is making it easier to
connect and contribute
but it makes us contentious and competitive;
getting smart is the new priority
for individuals, organizations, and communities
and new tools make it’s easier than ever,
but for most of us relationships and community
shape our learning so how we work matters.
We think out loud about a better future, we’re (humble) experts and (vocal) advocates;
we like to shine a light and bring other people along.
Innovation is value creation—it’s usually created by
embracing paradox and partnerships.
We work with people that appreciate that…and good work.

What Our Partners Are Saying

Our partners are movers and shakers. They think outside the box. They believe in the power to shift the way the world learns. They teach. They design. They create. They inspire.

Comprehensive. Customized. Creative.

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